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Today I stumbled across this post about not missing film photography which got me to thinking…

I don’t miss paper scrapping.  Simple Scrapper had a post the other day on how digital scrappers can do a little paper scrapping and thought… but why?

5 Things I Don’t Miss – since going digital:

  • Buying stuff – I love, still love, looking at all the goodies in the scrapbook aisles at the craft store, but I remember agonizing over what I should spend my $25 budget on, and going home with a slim little bag of odds and ends for that sum.  With digital scrapbooking supplies, $25 will get me more things than I can use in a month! And I can shop late at night, on holidays, when I have just a few minutes, without bundling kids into the car or getting dressed.
  • Storing stuff – I used to have a whole room devoted to my scrapbook stuff.  Special ribbon holders, special containers for this and that, rolling drawers, etc.  And when I found something new, like my Sizzix machine, I had to re-do my storage to accommodate it! This got expensive and messy.  My digital supplies all fit onto my 4×5 inch external hard drive that I picked up for $79.
  • Hauling stuff – spending an hour or two deciding what to take to a day-long crop then finding out once I get there that I’m missing something I need was not fun!  Neither was hauling in rolly things and tubs and totes and more rolly things, then hauling them all out at the end of the day.  Now I pop my laptop, mouse, power cord and EHD into my totebag, grab snacks and drinks and off I go.  When I get to the crop I’m scrapping within 10 minutes of arrival, and am ready to leave within minutes too!
  • Cleaning stuff – no matter how careful I tried to be, I always ended up with little snips of paper and scraps of ribbon and photos all over the floor. Step on a stray staple, drag out the vacuum, try to remember where everything goes back to… cleaning up paper scrapping is a pain.  And since my craft room was too full of stuff to include a worktable, I’d have to scrap at the kitchen table, which meant cleaning it carefully first to be sure nothing got on my supplies, then cleaning it all up so we could eat dinner.  It got to a point that I only scrapped occasionally when I could be sure I had a few hours before I’d have to clean it all up!  My digital stuff stays right where I put it.  When I come back to my layout, everything is right where I put it – and if I don’t need to shut down the computer I just leave it up on the screen and can turn to it when I have a few minutes – on hold with the insurance company or when I’m avoiding real work!
  • Stashing stuff – when I paper scrapped, I made layouts, showed them to my family, put them in an album and put them on a shelf.  Sometimes I’d share them with a friend or two at a crop.  But my digital layouts I can enjoy every day.  I email them to all the grandparents, send friends layouts that have their kids in them, even print copies of the birthday party page for the guests and send them as thank you notes! I use layouts as wallpaper for my computer desktop, print them on calendars and greeting cards, and compile them into books to send to the grandparents.  I’ve printed them for my kids to hang on the walls of their room, so that they can enjoy their memories every day, something I’d never dare do with a precious paper layout!

So go back to paper scrapping?  Even a little? No WAY. I’m a digi-girl all the way now, baby!


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  1. Susan says:

    This is exactly why I love scrapping digitally! That and I can’t cut a straight line and I have this personal dislike of glue and things sticking to my fingers…LOL!

  2. ToadToedPrincess says:

    Due to an illness I am unable to find the energy to paper scrap. I love digi and being able to scrap here and there throughout the day. Now I have to come to terms with my paper scrapping stash because deep down I still want to do hybrid projects from time to time. My husband suggested digital scrapping and I will always be thankful that he did. I’ll keep the paper crafting supplies in hopes that my fatigue and pain will ease some day.But I will use my supplies for cards and other hybrid projects, not layouts. My layouts are printed and kept in 12×12 or 6×6 binders plus a digital frame. With digital we look at the layouts much more than any traditional paper layout. I’m going to take photos of my old paper scrapping soon. Love, love digi!

    • Jenn says:

      You know, I’ve heard that a lot. Digital scrapping seems to be great for people with various disabilities, in that you can do it in short bursts, it doesn’t require much manual dexterity to use the mouse, and it’s inexpensive. I just bought some really neat frames for 8×8 layouts at Michaels that have 2 inches of clear glass all the way around between the print and the frame. I think they’re going to look great in my office! And you’re right about looking at the layouts more, I totally agree. Great idea to photograph your paper layouts, I should scan some of mine!

  3. Anita says:

    My four adult children call often wanting a recipe for something, and I’d heard a wish expressed for cookbooks. This fall I saw really cool cookbook binders at Costco that could be personalized with photos, personal recipes, etc.; they even included stickers and cutouts. I got four of them, and found myself involved in a huge ‘hybrid’ project; they were truly a labor of love. This experience confirmed for me again that I will only do digital from this time forward!!!! Digital is superior in every way!

    I want copies of all my hard work; I need to scan the completed pages in, and I think I’ll then watch for a special and have them printed as a book for myself! 🙂

    • Jenn says:

      wow what a project, Anita! Good idea to scan the pages, then you’ll have them. You might even be able to erase the recipes from one and have a blank page that matches to add new recipes to the books! I have started scrapping our family favorites with the thought that by the time my oldest goes off to college I can send her with a book of ‘tastes of home’!

  4. stacy says:

    Let’s not forget the great ‘undo’ and delete options!

  5. Zanne says:

    I just need to hit the lotto so I can get a laptop so that I could digi scrap at a scrapbooking event. Of course now that I’ve moved… I’d have to find a group to join.

    Love your take.

    • Jenn says:

      there’s a group on the north side of Atlanta that has a crop every year, I always try to go and something comes up. Save your pennies and try pawn shops, I hear you can get a good laptop cheap that way!LOL!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I looove your idea of the birthday party thank you cards! I have never thought of that.

  7. Slyn says:

    The glue…the paper…the ribbons…the metals..the inks…those are the all the best parts. Crafty mess is what makes it fun, and exactly the reason I DON’T like digital scrapbooking. I use photoshop a lot to make banners, web elements, editing…but for my creative outlet…I need to get dirty. That is why Simple Scrapper said paper scrap too…nothing like playing with tangible elements to get the creative juices flowing.

    • Jenn says:

      you know, I love doing all those things too – after all, I’m an art teacher by trade. But I keep the mess for other projects now. Everybody really just needs to work the way that inspires them!

  8. poki says:

    No matter how much I wanted to scrapbook – I never seemed to get the paper only pages done! I began digi-scrapping in earnest in 2008 … and I’m piling up pages done faster than I can send them to the printer ( My most recent vacation album was completed, printed and in the album only 6 days after my return! (I was working on the pages while I was still on vacation, thanks to my “greenie” – a green Dell Notebook Computer!) Yes, I still play with paper — I have a rubber stamp business – but it is not my FIRST LOVE by any means!

  9. […] paper, etc, and then clean it all up gives me the heebie-jeebies! Here's why I'll never go back: 5 Things I Don't Miss About Paper Scrapbooking | Scrappers Workshop __________________ Jenn […]

  10. Stefanie says:

    I’m one who has never scrapped traditionally, but everything you said, Jenn, resonates with me. I’m just not very crafty, and the thought of all the little snips of paper, glue, putting things away (which I’m not very good at!) kinda gives me the shivers! But the thing that you said that makes the most sense, is the sharing. I have my layouts EVERYWHERE! They are my computer screensaver, I have my favorites on my iPhone & iPod, when I create a new layout I can’t wait to upload it to my phone gallery. Of course, I have my blog, and my online galleries. On my blog I have slideshows, and I regularly post to FB. I’ve noticed that on traditional websites, scrappers often don’t even post their layouts online, because it’s such a pain to get them there… photograph or scan, stitch, retouch & edit… I probably wouldn’t bother either! I’m digi through & through!

  11. ScrapyDigits says:

    Jenn, you hit the nail on the head! Paper Scrapping is just what my tiny house needed to take it right over the edge into utter madness! Nope, I’m not going there again! Too messy, too much to store, too space consuming…! Digi is definitely my preferred approach!

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