Foto Friday – Bunny in the Moon

By Jenn / March 19, 2011 / Foto Friday / 3 Comments

Tonight the moon will be closer to the earth than it has in a long time, resulting in a big, beautiful moon! It should be easier than ever to see the man in the moon – or the Moon Rabbit! Also called the Jade rabbit, in Chinese, Japanese and Korean folklore, the rabbit pounds medicine […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday – More Little Blue Men

By Jenn / March 8, 2011 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 1 Comment

I had a friend ask me for a tutorial to fix skin color in PSE9, and lo and behold it was in a Quick Tip Tuesday post from exactly 2 years ago! So I figured that would be a good post to revisit, since it’s clearly still useful. Now the photo I used this tool […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday–The Germs Won!

By Jenn / March 2, 2011 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 3 Comments

Yes, after evading the nasty cold bug all winter, it finally caught up with me this week! So in the spirit of better late than never… This week’s tip is some of my favorite podcasts.  I love my iPod Touch, and often listen to podcasts in bed at night.  You don’t need an iPod, you […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday–What Does a Right-Click Get You?

By Jenn / February 23, 2011 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 7 Comments

For us Windows users, the right-click is one of the most useful things you can know in Photoshop (and Elements)! Here are a few right-click treasures you may not be aware are available to make your life easier: Move Tool – move your cursor over any layer, and right-click. You’ll see each layer that is […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday–Right ON!

By Jenn / February 15, 2011 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 6 Comments

We’ve got another ‘old lady’ tip for you today – remember when we showed you how to make your font sample list larger? Well here’s another one to make using PS/PSE easier on the ol’ eyes: ENLARGE LAYER THUMBNAILS In PHOTOSHOP Right-Click on any layer thumbnail, and you’ll see down near the bottom four choices […]

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