Black Friday – Deals we like

By Stan / November 25, 2010 / Digital Camera, Digital Photography / 1 Comment

As the economy starts to turn around a little here in the States and worldwide, retailers are itching to get at a portion of our discretionary income – the cash in our pockets! Jenn and I did our part last night when we went to Amazon.com and bought a few early Christmas presents for the [&...

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Try some black and white – Quick Tip Tuesday

One of the blogs I follow is Vandelay Designs.  They are a full-service design shop with a fabulous blog.  Some of the articles are techie, some instructional, and some inspirational.  A recent one was 25 Beautiful Examples of B&W Photography. And it got me thinking and remembe...

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Get better Halloween pictures to scrapbook – Foto Friday

By Stan / October 29, 2010 / Digital Photography, Foto Friday / 5 Comments

Just a quick Foto Friday today – a few quick tips to get better Halloween pictures to use in your scrapbooking.  Luckily good Halloween pictures aren’t that much different then other good photography tips. The flash is NOT your friend: generally the best time to take pictures of your little ghoul...

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How to photograph fall foliage for your scrapbooks – Foto Friday

By Stan / October 15, 2010 / Digital Photography, Foto Friday / 15 Comments

It’s the start of Fall here in Tennessee and I thought I would do a quick post on how digital scrapbookers and photographers can get great fall foliage pictures. It’s really easy if you keep a few simple things in mind: Choose your light: You’ll never go wrong with the Golden Ho...

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See You On the Dark Side – Again – Foto Friday

By Stan / September 3, 2010 / Digital Photography, Foto Friday / 7 Comments

My daughter Kaedee and I love looking at the night sky.  We’ve craned our neck until they were stiff looking for meteors, froze looking at constellations and watched a full lunar eclipse once.  Our favorite though is taking pictures of the moon. It’s easy, doesn’t require really special...

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