Foto Friday – What Color Is Your Light?

I was playing a game with my youngest daughter Becky who has beautiful blonde hair.  I looked at it and said “gee your hair looks a little green”.  “What?” she said, somewhat shocked and a little freaked out as only a 10 year old can get. “Yeah, Becky.  Because we are under fluores...

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Foto Friday – Tag, you’re tagged

By Stan / April 23, 2010 / Digital Photography, Foto Friday / 17 Comments

In my previous post about deleting old, unneeded photos, I had mentioned that I like to use Window Live Photo Gallery to edit and tag our photos. One of the most valuable things you can do is give yourself the gift of being able to easily find a photo or kit. And having your pictures […]

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Foto Friday – Dude, Your Memory Card is Locked

I occasionally get frantic phone calls from my favorite digital scrapbooker Jenn like this: Jenn: (with panic in her voice)“I’m at (insert name of some really important event) and the camera won’t work.” Stan: “Well, what won’t it do?” Jenn: “It won’t (insert random, really critical features of t...

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Foto Friday – I HDR, Do you? Part 2

As many of you remember from my first post about HDR or high dynamic range photography, these type of images can really spice up your digital scrapbook layouts and your photography.  And they are so easy to get cool results.  I have to admit I really don’t know what I’m doing – just visually play...

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Digital Scrapbookers – Size matters

Ok ladies, stop the snickering. No really… This is serious. Size does matter. The size of your sensor, that is.  Yes, the size of the sensor (the actual “chip” in a digital camera that takes the picture) matters for a lot of things.  What I want to talk about today is how your sensor size […]

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