Ok, so I’m probably the last person on earth to know this, but I thought I’d share.

My favorite way to get photos off my camera (that doesn’t require me to hunt down that pesky cable) is to post them to facebook from the phone then go download them from my facebook album to keep on my computer.

I use firefox, and when I download something it goes to my downloads folder, and a little window pops up to show me the progress of the download. What I’ve been doing is right-clicking and choosing “Open Containing Folder” then dragging from the downloads folder to wherever I want to keep it.

But today I had a *headsmack* moment!

You can drag the file directly from the little download notification window to wherever you want to keep it!

Just click… and drag.


Did you know that? What else do you know that you’re not telling me?

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  1. esther_a says:

    I didn’t know either, and that is a VERY handy tip!! Thanks!

  2. Gareth says:

    Drag&Dropping is handy alright!

    Just remember though that if you’re moving files through facebook they actually resave them as they are uploaded to the site, which can have a few consequences:

    1) The resolution is reduced to save space
    2) The image may also be compressed to reduce space, leaving less detail if you ever want to edit or print
    3) All the metadata is stripped out, essential info about how the camera took the photo that can help you learn why a certain photo turned out a certain way.

    A far better idea is to pick up a small card reader which you can leave plugged into your computer and just pop the card from the camera into whenever you want to download – it’ll be faster than bouncing images via facebook, and also mean you get the full quality and range of exif info from the camera!

    • Jenn says:

      Good point, Gareth. I should have been clearer, I only do this for my cellphone photos. So, they’re already fairly low res, (low enough that fb doesn’t resize them) and I don’t care about metadata. I’ve still got the original on the phone if I need it. When I bring them into the computer it is usually to crop them for use on the blog here, so I’ve not had quality issues. For my camera photos I’ve just got to pop the card in the built in reader in my laptop. As much as I love the photos my phone takes, I don’t rely on it for anything critical… Yet!

  3. Robin Rakes says:

    I was also going to add that FB resizes your photos. I keep telling my DIL to send me the originals,,, but she doesnt understand why. LOL I do use some of mine, so they are the highest res my cell allows. I should try to email them to myself… maybe they wont get resized. And yes- I did know I could drag folders around.
    Did you know you can drag photos or whatever you want to work on to your open PSE program?

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