Remember Photo Booths? Those magical machines in Five and Dime stores where you sat on the funny hard bench and showed your true self in 4 quick photos. I remember so distinctly the one at our local Woolworth store. My mom, being the practical German that she is, would never allow us to waste our money on a photo booth. So it was a special treat to get to junior high and have a little of my own money to sit down and capture myself and friends in those 4 photos.

We recently went to Dollywood, a local amusement park in Pigeon Forge, TN with our dear friends the Myers. Dollywood has the modern day equivalent to the old chemical-based photo booth – a digital one. Check out some of the neat pictures we took:

There is even a site devoted to the old time chemical-based booths at and Flickr has a bunch of groups and images.

If you have any, please post them in our gallery and share with everyone!

Till next time – Keep Snappin’


(Photo Booth picture courtesy of Creative Commons license)

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  1. Beckygtx says:

    I think I have one of these of my mother and her sister MANY years ago. Need to go dig through the old photos.

  2. Little Kitty says:

    Wow! We all look like dorks!

  3. Zanne says:

    I remember doing this in my teen years. How fun!

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