This is a reprint of a previous blog post that we did during our last 25 Days of Christmas. I liked it so much I wanted to share it again! Stan

This holiday time of year, a lot of digital scrapbookers and photographers are trying to take pictures of their beautiful Christmas tree that has often taken hours to cart out all the ornaments, string the lights, curse the stupid lights for not working, scolding the cat for climbing in the tree, watching a treasured ornament crash to the ground, etc. But at the end you have a gorgeous tree, trimmed and ready for pictures. So you can do a traditional, sharp picture like this:


But why not get creative this holiday season to add a little spice to your digital scrapbooking! Our friend Zanne was experimenting and came up with some nice shots. As a challenge I told her to set up the camera on manual with a long exposure and zoom close in. Push the shutter and while the shutter is open zoom out – and here’s what she got:

So I figure I’ll try it too. Guess what – on our point and shoot Canon and our prosumer camera – it won’t zoom while the shutter is open. So I resorted to the manual zoom method – I held the camera close, tripped the shutter, and walked backwards! Here’s what I got:

zoomed crhistmas tree


Pretty cool huh? Our oldest Kaedee then hand held the camera and moved it in patterns and got these:

patterned Christmas tree

patterned Christmas tree 2

And here’s one I did this year:

So challenge yourself this holiday and do something out of the ordinary with your photography. Get creative! It will add some interest and spice to your scrapbooking and make for even greater memories.

Do you have any unusual holiday photos? Tell us about them and post a link or upload them to our gallery.


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  1. Zanne says:

    Oh groovy… I had so much fun doing this, Stan. Your suggestions are great!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Well, I’ll have to try this – on purpose this time. I have a whole stack of (digital) photos that look like these. By accident, so they are not nearly as cool. Thanks for the tips.

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