Easter Egg – yup, got it to work

By Stan / February 3, 2009 / FUN / 4 Comments

All right then. Thank you to everyone who has tried the last trick and had it fail. It did for me too. Nope, it’s not just you. WordPress, our blogging platform, changes the code somehow so that it doesn’t work when you paste it in. But never fear! This is so cool I wanted to […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Burn, Baby Burn…

By Jenn / October 21, 2008 / Quick Tip Tuesday, Uncategorized / 3 Comments

Disco Inferno!!  (sorry, but you gotta follow burn baby burn with disco inferno! – I know, showing my age…) I read a great little tut today on Scrapper’s Guide on Ribbon Wrapping: http://scrappersguide.com/tip_sg_08-10-20el.html but I feel like she left one more step off the tut...

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Super Quick Tip Tuesday – Zoom With your Scroll Wheel!

By Jenn / September 9, 2008 / Quick Tip Tuesday, Tutorials / 1 Comment

We’re super busy working on some FUN new classes for you, but I have a super quick tip for you today!  Twice this week I’ve shown people this trick – and I thought you all knew it!  So for those who don’t… You can change a setting so that you can ZOOM with your scrol...

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