Quick Tip Tuesday – Resizing Bunches!

By Jenn / January 23, 2012 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 5 Comments

Sometimes you have a ton of photos you need to resize. Maybe you want to put them on Facebook or Flickr but don’t want your high-resolution photos going out there. Maybe you captured them at very high resolution but are making a collage and don’t want them that big. Either way, Photos...

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Black Friday – Deals we like

By Stan / November 25, 2010 / Digital Camera, Digital Photography / 1 Comment

As the economy starts to turn around a little here in the States and worldwide, retailers are itching to get at a portion of our discretionary income – the cash in our pockets! Jenn and I did our part last night when we went to Amazon.com and bought a few early Christmas presents for the [&...

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Some of our best from a year ago

By Stan / February 9, 2010 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 2 Comments

(Note from Stan – thanks for all the well wishes for Jenn’s recovery but believe it or not, now we’re both sick! Must have picked up something in the hospital where all the sick people are. Please enjoy this post from more than a year ago recounting some of best Photoshop and El...

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Be a distribution center

Here’s a really useful tip for digital scrapbookers and it works in Photoshop and Elements.  Ever have a row or series of elements from a kit and wanted to line them up?  What I used to do is get my elements roughly aligned, and then visually tweak them by eye.  Not the most e...

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Zooming away

By Stan / September 22, 2009 / Elements, Photoshop, Quick Tip Tuesday / 5 Comments

There are all kinds of ways to change the zoom level in Photoshop and Elements. Jenn uses the navigator ( which I hate!), I use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + and Ctrl – to zoom in and out. If your mouse has a center wheel you can set that up to zoom (very handy). And you […]

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