Quick Tip Tuesday – Resizing Bunches!

By Jenn / January 23, 2012 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 5 Comments

Sometimes you have a ton of photos you need to resize. Maybe you want to put them on Facebook or Flickr but don’t want your high-resolution photos going out there. Maybe you captured them at very high resolution but are making a collage and don’t want them that big. Either way, Photos...

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Foto Friday–Make your panoramics even better

By Stan / July 2, 2011 / Foto Friday, Photoshop / 1 Comment

As many of you know I love doing panoramic pictures.  Whether I’m trying to capture a really beautiful landscape or doing a class picture, panos are fun and easy to do.  And Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements make it so much easier with the PhotoMerge feature – it basically does all the...

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Video Quick Tips–Photoshop Reference Point

By Jenn / May 28, 2011 / Video Quick Tip / 14 Comments

I’ll bet you don’t even know what a “reference point” is in Photoshop! That’s ok, I didn’t know that’s what it is called either. But I’ll bet you’ve seen it! When you have your Move Tool selected, if you have the “Show Bounding Box” box checked you will see the Bounding Box around the active [&he...

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Don’t always believe what you see–Foto Friday

By Stan / January 13, 2011 / Foto Friday, FUN / 16 Comments

I’m getting ready to leave for the Imaging USA 2011 show in San Antonio this weekend so a fun post for you today! You  can’t always believe what you see…  With the advent of image editing programs like Photoshop, almost all pictures you see in ads are “tweaked” before they go to print.&...

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Need a Guide?

By Jenn / May 18, 2010 / Quick Tip Tuesday / 5 Comments

I’m using PSE8 a lot more now, partly because they added in one of my favorite features from Photoshop – Guides! Those are the little blue lines you see sometimes – if you have PSE you’ve probably only seen them on templates from Shutterfly or somewhere to show you where the trim lines are on [&h...

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