Today, we’re bringing you the first post from our new author, Jennifer Creek. I met Jennifer when she was a fairly new digiscrapper, and have seen her grow into an experienced and talented artist! She’ll be posting here from time to time on various topics, I think you’ll find she has a slightly different take on things than I do, and you’ll enjoy her posts. Welcome Jennifer! – Jenn White

I love to scrapbook. I started out scrapbooking with paper, like a lot of digital scrappers did. I did that for ten years. Cropping pictures, cutting paper, and gluing my fingers together, and to my coke can, was my way of life! I enjoyed it.However my photos were piling up. With 3 kids, doing an album for myself and each of them took time.

Then I discovered digital scrapbooking and figured out that I could scrap the pictures once and print them to go into as many albums as I needed! What a great idea! So for the last four years my laptop has been my best friend.

Lately I have been struggling with insomnia so while I was lying in bed one night something hit me. No, it wasn’t one of the cats wanting to be let out or the dog needing attention!

All this time since my paper scrapping days I had thought I was doing this because I wanted to record my history. I mean I had always thought the stories from my grandmother and grandfather were so neat and exciting as a little girl. I thought this was going to be my way of having stories for my grandchildren and maybe even their children. If I had a scrapbook from my grandmothers life with her stories in it, I would cherish it! It would be a prized possession!

As I lay there though I think I started to realize that maybe that wasn’t my whole reason for scrapbooking as I once thought. That’s still a very big part of it but I also realized that this is something I do for me. I do it to show my creativity. I do it to create something from nothing. It makes me feel good about myself.

All the pretty colors make me happy and the photos of my children when they were little bring a smile to my face every time I see them. It brings me closer to other women with the same ideas. It gives me an outlet to just be with “the girls”, after all my house is full of boys! I really don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t scrapbook.

So even though preserving my history and my day to day routines are very important to me, its not the only reason I do what I do. Knowing the past is important but doing something that brings happiness to your life is just as important. Having a creative outlet is important. Friends are important. I am important.

Scrapbooking has taught me these things. You are important too! So I encourage you to dig deep into yourself. Why do you really scrapbook?



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  1. Lady Bug says:

    I’m glad you are back. I’ve missed you!!!

  2. Brenda Fain says:

    Hey Jennifer! Great article, You are very talented and creative and I always love love seeing your finished layouts. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing more articles by you here in the future.

  3. beckygtx says:

    Loved the article!

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